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We offer this website to benefit vacationers who are seeking Caribbean dialysis treatments while enjoying a cruise ship vacation. Enjoy your cruise holiday knowing that you can maintain your dialysis treatments.

The St Lucia Dialysis Clinic is a world class medical dialysis clinic utilizing Canadian standards.

St Lucia Dialysis provides all variations of renal dialysis, conventional dialysis and high efficiency dialysis in a unforgettable tropical Caribbean setting. Finally your dream Caribbean vacation can be yours without compromising your dialysis care. Whether you are vacationing on our island or visiting on a cruise ship stop we can accommodate your dialysis needs. Formerly known as Island Dialysis, St. Lucia Dialysis offers the complete range of treatment options and support services necessary to provide the highest level of care possible. We invite you to get to know us.

St Lucia Dialysis
Tapion Hospital, 2nd Flr, Tapion Reef,
Castries, St Lucia
St Lucia Tel:758 459 2620
St Lucia Fax:758 459 2621

Other Contact Numbers
(These calls are forwarded to our St Lucia Clinic office)
Canada:1 905 481 3105

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