About Caribbean Dialysis Cruising

Why a dialysis cruise in the Caribbean.

Currently, the options for dialysis patients are limited for cruise ship vacations.

There is a company that offers dialysis on board, however, the cost per treatment reportedly is around $700 US per treatment plus your cruise vacation cost. The pros, you can stay on board for dialysis. The cons, this option is very expensive, and the cruise destinations are limited. This means that your traveling party must book their cruise vacation to accommodate your dialysis.

The cost per dialysis treatment in the Caribbean at land based clinics is between $300 and $400 US.

For a one (1) week cruise and three dialysis treatments, the savings in dialysis treatment costs could pay for your vacation. Additionally, you and your family can now consider last minute cruise deals in the Southern Caribbean or select from a wider array of cruise vacation options.

Booking your own dialysis for your cruise vacation using destination based clinics has many benefits.

Booking your own Dialysis verse Dialysis on Board a Cruise Ship

                           Destination Dialysis         Dialysis on Board a Cruise Ship
Cruise Cost (ea.)             $700                                   $700
3 Dialysis Treatments      $1,050 +-                             $2,100

Total:                                     $1,550                                         $2,800

The above is for illustration purposes only. Most clinics will accommodate you as soon as arrive to their clinic. On this basis, you can be back at the ship by 1:00 pm and still have a half day to enjoy the Caribbean destination.

The Caribbean Islands possess a wealth of activities for visitors of all interests and ages.

This region's histories and cities are fascinating-from the ancient Mayan city of Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula to the Altun Ha ruins near Belize City. You'll find Saint Lucia a colourful, unique mixture of history and charming British and French influences. Hear the legends of Aruban gold, Jamaican voodoo, or the origins of St. Maarten's half-French-half-Dutch culture. Each island has its own incredible story, and while taking a dialysis cruise you can enjoy exploring them at your leisure.

Important Info

Destination based dialysis treatments must be booked with each clinic separately.

The destination clinics are very familiar with providing dialysis to single treatment visitors, and they will accommodate fitting in your dialysis treatment during your ships Port of Call.

Many of the destination dialysis clinics have located their clinics within a short driving distance of the cruise ship Port of Call, and will assist with arranging taxi transportation, on your behalf.

Health care in the Caribbean has come a long way. In case of medical emergencies each cruise ship is equipped with medical staff. Every port you visit a hospital is only a short taxi drive away.

In the case of Tapion Hospital in St Lucia it is accredited by Accreditation Canada the only hospital in the Caribbean to obtain that status.